Fallout: Plasma Rifle

ABS tubes, MDF body, polystyrene detailing. Custom designed/printed decals. 6x MF cells are roto-casted/filled with rigid foam.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Prototype Helmet

Roto-casted multi-piece helmet with light effects. Sculpted in automotive clay over a plaster head cast.

Fallout 3 plasma rifle prop
Fallout plasma rifle detail shot
Fallout plasma caster prop weapon
plasma weapon cosplay prop
plasma rifle fallout 3 cosplay prop
prop weapon post-apocalyptic
steampunk plasma rifle
plasma rifle prop fallout 3
plasma weapon sci-fi prop
wasteland raider with plasma rifle
wasteland raider cosplay plasma
raider with plasma weapon
Brotherhood of steel power armor
Fallout Bos Cosplay helmet
fallout cosplay sci-fi helmet
Cosplay BOS Power armor helmet
Cosplay hemet post-apocalyptic
Falout prototype prop helmet
WIP Fallout cosplay helmet
BOS costume armor components
Power armor automotive clay sculpt
molding automotive clay helmet

Warhammer 40K Space Ork Battlehelm

Sintra and PVC tube, constructed in 3 nights for PAX Australia.

cybork cosplay helmet 40k ork
cybork helmet costume
warhammer 40k ork cosplay
ork 40k costume
big mek helmet 40k ork
40k orks costume armor
warhammer 40,000 cosplay orks
40k ork costume helmet sintra
sintra cosplay helmet orks
WIP ork helmet cosplay
warhammer 40k ork cosplay
mekboy ork cosplay
Terminator mask
faceless businessman mask
yin yang twins mask
yin yang twins mask
lancelot and cindy costume masks
the biker terminator
cindy pink mask
faceless businessman costume
peautiful heroine cosplay
yin yang twins cosplay costume
arch rivals masks costume cosplay
the maiden in distress mask
Yin Yang twins
cindy pink vacuformed mask
terminator mask WIP
theatircal masks vacformed wip

Cindy Pink: Meet the AntiSocialites

Multiple masks vacuformed in polystyrene. Sculpted off of casts of the actor's faces.

The Samurai

Time-based sculpture, advanced-paced aging (rusting) of steel samurai mask over the course of a week in gallery.

Lahti, Finland

rusty samurai mask
samurai sculpture
metal samurai mask costume
time-based sculpture the samurai
rusty old samurai mask
rusting a steel mask
rusty old samurai mask
steel costume samurai mask


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