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ANTHEM Javelin- Storm

A Henchmen Studios Project / Commissioned by Bioware - All images are property of Henchmen Studios


Fallout: Orkish Wasteland Raider Photoshoot

Photographer: Lachlan McVie

Wasteland raider versus deathclaw
New York Comic Con fallout raider
Fallout wasteland raider cosplay
fallout wasteland raider
Long exposure shadow drain fallout
Prop armor wasteland raider
Cosplaywasteland raider from fallout
orkish wasteland raider cosplay
fallout armor deathclaw gauntlet
fallout power armor powerfist

New York Comic Con

WINNER- 1st: Armor Category, Runner-up Best in Show

Photographers: Steve Prue - tmronin / Faisal Khan

NYCC Cosplay winner 2017
NYCC grand prize Winners 2017
Times Square fallout raider cosplay
New York Comic Con Cosplay champion
Fan Expo toronto 2017 cosplay winner
cosplay stilts fallout power armor
fallout power rangers cosplay nycc
new ypork cosplay power armor
cute girl in times square cosplay

The Power Klaw

Articulated aluminum exoskeleton clad in Sintra. Klaw snaps open and shut via internal lever device.

ork power klaw claw 40k cosplay
power armor cosplay ork mega armor
gorgutz power klaw ork 40k claw
ork 40k orc mega armor nob cosplay
pneumatic power claw ork 40k cosplay
cosplay power claw ork 40k power arm

Detail shots

Weathering and metallic effects

power armor rebreather fallout armor
fallout watseland raider armor
fallout heavy raider armor cosplay
fallout 40k sintra cosplay armor
deathclaw gauntlet fallout cosplay
sintra armor 40k space armor
metal armor fallout 40k cosplay
deathclaw gauntlet wasteland raider
For process shots check out my INSTAGRAM or FLICKR
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