EGAN FreeBoard

Freestanding markerboard with pressure/friction foot that seats board snugly against wall. Can clip together to form freestanding towers.

Property of EGAN Visual

Egan FreeBoard architectural render
industrial design egan markerboard
Egan Freeboard freestanding marker
Egan visual office marke rboard
Office furniture white board

APEX Hive System

Redesigning the commercial beehive with material property-based solutions to create homeostasis in the hive environment and aid sanitation.

OCAD University Industrial Design Thesis Project

APEX Honeybee Hive Apiarist
Langstroth Hive Redesign
Honeybee Hive honeycomb
APEX Hive system prototype
Honeybee hive redesign model
WIP APEX Honeybee Hive
Design Ideation Bee Hive
Green stuff insect epoxy sculpt
anatomical honeybee model
WIP Honebee sculpt
WIP Honeybee sculpt
WIP Honeybee sculpt
WIP Honeybee sculpt

Native Solitary Bee Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes with cavities to determine local species and preferred nesting conditions. Built-in viewing panels for viewing larvae.

Installed in several community gardens in Toronto. - Project coordinator Sarah Peebles

Native solitary pollinator refuge
Native solitary bee nest box
woodworking carpenter bee
Xylocopa woodworking refuge
Megachilidae bee next box
apidae nest box
Native pollinator nesting box
Native pollinator nesting box


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