Intense front-end design process to ensure maximum impact.

Industrial Designer Mike Cameron will meet with you and discuss your needs for the project. Whether you require a movie prop, promotional prototype, or piece of furniture for your home or office, we can guide the creative process to get the best possible item to meet your unique requirements.

Your final idea created to your specifications


Once your design has been finalized, we can go about creating your ideal item. Depending on your end product, we can create faux-effects material treatments, or the real thing! Both traditional and modern methods are employed, allowing us to tackle a wide range of undertakings.

Physical Manifestations

     UNORTHODOX DESIGN is a company that strives to bring the incorporeal into reality. The company was founded to help film makers, designers, inventors, and home-owners to create the beautiful objects they desire. We fabricate costume pieces or prototypes, assist with design objectives, and work with the minds behind the idea to create objects that best fulfill the need of the client. As our namesake implies, we are willing to think outside the box and create the ideal promotional tool or personal-use item.


  • Tactile objects can be powerful augmenting tools to                             digital presentations

  • Adaptive and comprehensive design process
  • Personal-use and Business Promotional Prototyping

Creativity is what separates us from the other animals on this planet.

The ability to transcend the empirical universe and imagine impossible and improbable possibilities.

Our goal is to make your creative idea into reality.

Analog and digitally assisted design

and prototyping